Cleaning and degreasing fume extraction tubes

Abicont Industrial Waste is a manager authorized by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

And it has the latest technology to clean and maintain your filter kitchen.

With the frequency that suits were cleaned in exchange for their oil residue.

We also have a cleaning service bells, turbines and exhaust ducts at the most competitive market price.

Safety in food processing is fundamental. Hygiene, risk reduction, monitoring …

The frying oil has a limited life and must be renewed frequently to meet health regulations (Order of 21/06/89 amending the quality standard for oils and fats heated approved), and avoid any health problem .

We provide a professional service, with over five years experience in the removal and management of used vegetable oil.

With the recovered oil biodiesel is produced. We help you achieve the environmental objectives of your organization.

Contact us, find a solution for every situation.


  • Containers suitable for their needs in size and number: IBC 1000 liters, drums 50 and 25 liters.
  • We aspire oil tanks, or change the container at each visit by another empty and clean.


  • Qualified staff professionalism, cleanliness and service.
  • Periodic collection: according to its rate of production.
  • On notice: If you have generated more oil than expected.
  • Quick response to unexpected events.
  • We adapt to your schedule and production processes.


  • We are authorized agents.
  • Each oil removal is recorded and delivered packing list collection.
  • Traceability: the oil is used in the manufacture of biodiesel.


A team with experience and expertise, dedicated to advise and provide the best solution in every situation. Call us, we are at your disposal.


We know many ways to handle, decant and store used oil: we do every day. We can advise you and put you in touch with suppliers of equipment, pumping, storage, handling …

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