Recovery of goods and merchandise

Rating stocks, expired OOS items, closeouts, service for exporters, wholesalers, wholesalers, abandoned goods, claims and receivers.


Upon the occurrence of an incident such as a fire or flood, complex situations comprehensive, economic, technical and social arise. We:

  • We reduce the extent of damage.
  • Diminish economic consequences caused by the lack of exploitation.
  • We minimize the potential risks of delayed damage.
  • We restore the conditions of Health and Safety at the affected facilities.

We specialize in providing the following services:

  • Stock valuation.
  • Retrieval machinery.
  • Design and provision of other specific services Integral Asset Recovery After Loss


The study conducted in 2008 by Eurostat shows how the countries of the European Union manage MSW. That study shows the percentage of waste destined for composting, incineration, recycling and finally the percentage that is deposited in the landfill. In Spain, compared to some countries like Germany, Denmark and Belgium, is intended to deposit a high percentage in the landfill (57%) and a low percentage incineration (9%). Reference Taking these data we can conclude that Spain did not fail all the energy contained in waste and use raw materials that can be replaced by recycled raw materials.

The valuation is an option increasingly used since an economic value is given to waste, it is possible to reduce the volume of waste that end up in the landfill and also the use of natural resources is reduced and favors the environment.

The potential of a waste to get their utilization and, therefore, contribute to the benefit of the client company, are basically the following:

Reuse: Harnessing the residue, for the same applications he had when he was in his life, through a series of treatments.

Recycling and recovery: Get a raw material or a new product through physico-chemical or mechanical processes. Involves subjecting a material or product, already used (waste), to a cycle of total or partial treatment to obtain a raw material or a new product.

Energy recovery: Harnessing the energy content of waste and subproducts by combustion.

The valuation must be included in the Integrated Management of MSW, which can be defined as one that encompasses all stages of waste management, ie we have to consider: the generation, the original provision, collection, transport , treatment and proper disposal.

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