Valuation of industrial waste

Disclosure of industrial waste and separation of components by industrial use in the foreign market.
Avoid the deposit of waste in landfill and associated adverse consequences.
Provides the company an additional tool for the management of their waste, and reduces the necessary facilities to leverage investments.
Recovers energy containing by products and can not be reused or recycled and it would go to a landfill.
Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by replacing fossil fuels with materials that have been incinerated or dumped in landfills.
Reduces the use of raw materials because of the raw materials needed to manufacture cement residues having similar characteristics in their composition are replaced.
Decrease the consumption of fossil fuels because it leverages the calorific value of the waste and stop using other fossil fuels and finite.
Ensure the destruction of organic compounds existing in the residue.
No residue at the end of the process of recovery is generated.

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